Here are some pictures of all three kids growing up, including a number of touristy shots of them in various notable places of Europe. In those days, of course, the kids were all adorable, and got along famously (sometimes). Then there are a few images of Sanford and Emily in later years.

90-3kids 90-06-kids


Sanford and Emily met Colin in April 1990. Our families began to merge that year, when Colin was 8, Sanford 7, and Emma 4 years old.

From the house in Bethesda, the kids could walk a few blocks to a small pool & tennis club — a great respite in the summer.

90-kids-Cedar-Point 91-kids-to-school

Color-coded styro lizards at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.

Walking to the bus for school. (Our Abyssinian cat often saw them off.)

kids-ChincoteagueVA kids-xmas-watches

For several years, we vacationed in Chincoteague, VA.

Watches for Christmas ('92), in matching pajamas.

kids in moving boxes kids in bath in Brussels


The kids playing with the moving boxes soon after we moved to Brussels in August 1993.

The kids having a group bath.

Kids in Paris kids in Brugge

Euro Travels

We drove to Paris a week after arriving. At left: the kids are feeding pigeons in front of the Louvre.

Brugge was next. A mere hour away, we took all our guests there.

Snacks in Ulm Kids at Versailles

The kids enjoying a pastry in the town square of Ulm, Germany (Nov '93).

The next April ('94), we visited Louis XIV's palace at Versailles, France.

Dodogne Kids in Venice

In October 1994, now living in London, we drove to the Dordogne region of France.

December brought us all to Venice — winter is a great time to visit "La Serenisima."

kids in Athens kids in Italy

The kids on the acropolis in Athens (Feb '96).

On our last trip (Apr '96), we stayed in an agroturismo farm near Siena, where lizards abounded.

2003 Bachrach portrait kids at the Alamo 2003

Later Years

Time passes... In 2003, Colin, 20, Sanford, 19, and Emma, 16, sat for their last Bachrach portrait.

November: Sanford graduated from Air Force basic training in San Antonio.

2007 Jim Sanford LA Emma Jim at Eames house 2007

On a trip to L.A. in 2007:

I visited Sanford at his job at Lucky Brand Jeans.

Emma and I enjoyed a tour of the Charles & Ray Eames house in Pacific Palisades.

2016 Sanford Courtney engaged 2018 Ryan Emma 2 kids

Colin died in 2014.

Sanford and Courtney got engaged in 2016 and married the next year. Photo: Jackie Wonders.

Emma and Ryan started a family with daughters Parker and Rylee.

Jim Sanford 2021 Emma Jim 2021


In April 2021 (a few days ago as I write), Sanford and Emma each visited me in Newburgh. It was great to see them.