Here are few drawings made over the years, with varying degress of skill.
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Female portrait 2015

Female Portrait 2015

Drawn as part of a two-week class in traditional portrait drawing at the Penland School of Craft, near Asheville, North Carolina. We had the luxury of working from the same model over several sittings.

Male Nude 2020

Male Nude 2020

Charcoal on newsprint, drawn Oct 2020 in a live-model session at a design studio in Newburgh, NY.

Still Life 2017

Still Life 2017

This was created as part of a drawing class in the adult ed program at Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh, NY.

This was a good class and very affordable. I went back for another one in March 2020 - we had one class, then Covid came, and that was the end of that.


Self Portrait 2015

This poor fellow looks like he's just discovered there are no cookies in the house. That woulld be me. Dated July 2015, it must have been inspired by my recent portrait drawing class at Penland.

Still Life 2017

Porch View 1989

A view of the back porch of the house in Braddock Heights (Frederick) MD, created under the influence of Mona Brooks' Drawing with Children. That is meant to be 7-year-old Colin drawing on the porch with me.

My Radio Shack 1962

My Shack 1962

A somewhat idealized view of my ham radio "shack" when I was 13. The device second from left is entirely fictiional: I added it to fill space after messing up the proportions of the other equipment. On the wall are "QSL" cards, which hams exchange to comfirm radio contact. Note the loving detail given to the Eames fiberglas chair.

Crystal Set 1958

Crystal Set 1958

The earliest evidence of my fondness for the visual aspects of technology — my first piece of gear (drawn at age 11).